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The beginning of our journey

January 13, 2018 marked the beginning of the first internship held by LINPI. 

Being an intern for the Long Island Native Plant Initiative means learning everything from greenhouse protocols to native plant production, and everything else in between.

Our first line of duty was to get the greenhouse prepped and ready for our spring plant production. We started by unloading many pallets (and pounds) of mixed media, perlite, etc. that will be used as the growing medium for our plants and seeds. We hand mix all of the components together in small batches  to create the perfect growing media.

Our second line of duty was to prep one of our hoop houses in order to make it a safe place to over-winter our pre-existing plants. This is an important task to complete as soon as possible to avoid freezing of plants that are kept outside. To provide more insulation in the hoop house, we had to stretch a thick plastic covering along the outside frame and staple it in. It is important to do this neat and efficiently so there are no air pockets present. 

Once the outside prepping was complete, we covered the ground inside the hoop house with weed fabric. This doesnt only aid in controlling persistent weeds, but also helps keep our local rodent and animal families out that are looking for a tasty treat. (It seems to be working!)

Finally, we began loading in all of the grasses, forbs, and woody plants that have been stored outside from the previous season. Loading the plants on stacked tables saves room and also protects them from any small rodents that may sneak in through the bottom.

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