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Re-working the founder plot

As this past winter brought tremendous amounts of wind and snow to Long Island, there were a few areas on the Brentwood Founder Plot that needed mending.

The weed cloth that was put down in the past year flew off the ground in the winter winds, needing to be re-attached over the native species that were planted there in the fall. To do this in an effective and timely matter, plenty of volunteer hands and staples were needed to secure the weed cloth back onto the plots.

The main challenge was to line up all of the cut out holes with the plant species that were already planted beneath. Because we had to re-apply the weed cloth in late winter, it was challenging to find above ground growth of the planted species. It was imperative to line up the weed cloth as straight and taut as possible to ensure no wind penetration through the holes in the cloth.

To ensure successful plant coverage, we had to spray an outline around all of the hard to find plant material. This helped us line up the weed cloth in all the correct areas.

After two days of stapling, cutting, and re-applying weed cloth on the founder plot, we successfully completed our goal. We are excited and hopeful to see the growth of the native species through our newly manicured plots.

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