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Nursery Producers


LINPI's founding vision is to provide a diverse array of native plant materials to facilitate commerical plant production and support Long Island's thriving nursery and landscape activity.    

The Long Island Native Plant Initiative is advancing the next phase of our vision by offering seedling flats of an array of locally sourced native plants to diversify your native plant stock in the most ecologically appropriate way.    

A wholesaler/resaler certificate required for wholesale pricing of these seedling flats. 

Please contact Polly Weigand, Executive Director at regarding availability, pricing and quantities.

Species available in seedling flats and liners.


Northern Bayberry
Pitch Pine
Black Cherry


Big Bluestem
Broome Sedge
Deer Tongue
Purple Lovegrass
Little Bluestem
Indian Grass
Purple Top/Grease Grass

Forbs: (36 cell/flat)

Common milkweed
Butterfly weed
Swamp milkweed
False indigo
Maryland golden aster
Hyssop-leaved thoroughwort
Common boneset
Coastal Plain Joe Pye weed
Joe Pyeweed
Late-flowering thoroughwort
Slender goldentop
Grass-leaved goldentop
Stiff aster 
Round-headed bush clover
Hairy bush clover
Slender bush clover
Sickle leaved golden aster
Sweet everlasting
Slender-leaved mountain-mint
Virginia mountain-mint
Early goldenrod
Gray goldenrod
Sweet goldenrod
Seaside goldenrod
Showy goldenrod
Smooth blue aster
New England aster
Bushy aster
Hairy white field aster
Goat’s rue
American germander
Forked blue curls
New York ironweed
Blue verbena
Bog white violet

Cactus: (36 cell/flat)

Eastern prickly pear

Graminoids: (36 cell/flat)

Big bluestem
Broome sedge
Bushy bluestem
Deer tongue
Purple lovegrass
Common rush
Path rush
Little bluestem
Indian grass
Salt reedgrass
Purple top

Trees & Shrubs: (36 cell/flat) 6" seedlings

Marsh elder
Pitch pine
Beach plum
Black cherry
Chestnut oak
Carolina rose


Myrica pensylvanica
Pinus rigida
Prunus serotinus


Andropogon gerardii
Andropogon virginicus
Dichanthelium clandestinum
Eragrostis spectabilis
Panicum virgatum
Schizachyrium scoparium
Sorghastrum nutans
Tridens flavus


Asclepias syriaca
Asclepias tuberosa
Asclepias incarnata
Baptisia tinctoria
Chrysopsis mariana
Eupatorium hyssopifolium
Eupatorium perfoliatum
Eutrochium dubium
Eutrochium fistulosum
Eutrochium serotinum
Euthamia caroliniana
Euthamia graminifolia

Ionactis linariifolius

Lespedeza capitata
Lespedeza hirta
Lespedeza virginica
Pityopsis falcata
Pseudognaphaliu obtusifolium
Pycnanthemum tenuifolium
Pycnanthemum virginianum
Solidago juncea
Solidago nemoralis
Solidago odora
Solidago speciosa
Solidago sempervirens
Symphyotrichum laeve
Symphyotrichum novae-angliae
Symphyotrichum dumosum
Symphyotrichum pilosum
Tephrosia virginicus
Teucrium canadense
Trichostema dichotomum
Vernonia noveboracensis
Verbena hastata
Viola lanceolata



Opuntia humifusa



Andropogon gerardii
Andropogon virginicus
Andropogon glomeratus
Dichanthelium clandestinum
Eragrostis spectabilis
Juncus effusus
Juncus tenuis
Panicum virgatum
Schizachyrium scoparium
Scirpus cyperinus
Sorghastrum nutans
Spartina cynosuroides
Tridens flavus



Iva frutescens
Morella pensylvanica
Pinus rigida
Prunus maritima
Prunus serotin
Quercus montana
Rosa carolina



Pricing: $10.00/ six pack, $50.00/flat (6-six packs) $4.00 – 4” pot (tax not included)

For more information or to reserve plant material contact:

Long Island Native Plant Initiative Inc.
Phone: (631) 560-9945